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  1. Amen, Larry!

    Aaronic priests were required to display a certain kind of perfection. Jesus clarified that this perfection was only representative of real, complete perfection, thereby disqualifying all flesh from these priestly duties. He alone is qualified to serve as our high priest. The rest of us rabble are in the same same sorry group–inwardly maimed and disabled, sinful, wretched. The law of Moses demands that the Pharisee be a hypocrite; the law of Christ reserves the best seats at the great wedding feast for the tax collector and sinner who unreservedly throws himself on the mercy of the Father and claims no goodness except that of Christ.

    I suspect the making whole of our bodies will be a minor footnote in the story of redemption. In its climax, all else will fade as we look into the face of Christ, robed in His righteousness, never to be soiled again.