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This is not your typical Memorial Day article, but as I think about the men who have fought and died to preserve our country I ask myself this question.  Most of us will never fight on a battle field, but we are equally responsible for defending our country against those who would destroy it from within as well as from without.  If we will not take part in governing ourselves, we will be governed by those with the will to rule and the means to force that will upon us.  If we refuse to manage well that which we have been given, then our brave men and women have died in vane.

Can We Keep Our Republic? | Michael Quinn Sullivan

No set of excuses can be more frustratingly self-righteous than those offered by individuals refusing to participate in our representative republic. You hear them all the time: “nothing is more corrupt than politics” or “every politician lies to your face.” A sadly misplaced sense of purity becomes an ill-considered excuse for being uninformed and disengaged.

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